All products of our company - ECOPANEL and the accessories are packaged appropriately, according to their type, at the production site and they are protected for the safe transportation to their intended destination area.

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The transportation of the products from the factory to their intended construction areas is usually accomplished through the road network on open top trucks.

No more than three pallets per height can be stacked at a time during transportation and two lines per width

For pallet loading, forklift vehicles (Clarks) with four forks suitable for pallets up to 16 m in length are used.

The pallet packages are unloaded at their intended destination with full responsibility to the receiver.

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The company does everything within its power to insure the excellent production, packaging and delivery of its products.

Upon delivery, the cargo must be checked for possible ordered item oversights, good product condition as well as possible damages that may have been inflicted during their transportation.

In their effort for constant improvement of their services, ELASTRON S.A. wish to be directly informed of any problems that may occur during the delivery of their products.

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There are many cases where ECOPANEL packages must be stored in construction areas for a time before their placement. To insure the preservation of their features’ qualities it is very important that the rules below are followed:

  • Store packages in their original packaging in covered, dry, well aired-out and flat areas.
  • If this is not possible then cover package with a waterproof material on a sloping surface of about 4o-5o.
  • Air out regularly so as to avoid the gathering of water vapour.
  • Protect from direct sunlight, rain and dust. Check regularly to insure that they are in good condition. Storage time should be kept to a minimum.

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To a great extent, the final aesthetic and functional results of a building project depend on the proper and careful placement of the cladding materials in addition to the special finishing parts

Below are general instructions which must be followed during ECOPANEL assembly.

To begin with, the application study should take into consideration all features and specifications of the materials to be placed, as well as their additional details. 

Before installation, check the building’s frame, particularly the ECOPANEL support rails. 

It is very important that the cladding materials are properly applied, that the purlins and sleepers longitudinal members are well levelled, with slopes within the limits of the equivalent European specifications and rules.

For panel cutting, which is necessary to be done at the construction area, use an electric circular revolving saw or reciprocating saw (jigsaw). Never use drills or manual hacksaws.When cutting is completed carefully clean and remove metal scrap and shavings.

The team working on the building’s roof should take into consideration all safety measures as stated by the equivalent Greek and European Standards.It is very important that shoes with soft and non-slippery soles are worn.

The importance of the bimetal electrolysis phenomenon is often underestimated. It is caused by the direct contact of incompatible materials with the simultaneous presence of humidity. Bimetal electrolysis can bring about the quick oxidisation of one of the materials in contact.To deal with this problem, place a thin PVC membrane between the materials.

After each working day, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface and covering materials. Remove all unneeded materials, such as screws, washers and other metal parts that may cause corrosion, oxidisation, stains etc.

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