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Company/Quality Assurance/Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Assuring Health and Safety conditions of high standards at the workplace is of crucial importance to ELASTRON Group. The Group employees are aware that all necessary measures are taken and all necessary inspections are being conducted in order to ensure that the facilities and the machinery and equipments as well as the procedures guarantee a safe work environment for all.

The measures applied by the Group in order to create a healthy and safe environment include:

  • Safety Technician and Company Doctor who perform precautionary work and who are ready to step in emergency cases at the Group's premises
  • Employees from all segments are regularly trained to administer first aid
  • A full and advanced fire-safety system has been installed at all facilities, while there is full fire protection equipment
  • All work areas have been designed and function according to the legislation in force and the respective regulations
  • Employees are constantly trained on health and safety issues
  • Frequent tests and systematic inspections are regularly performed to check the application and the effectiveness of safety systems.

Respecting people is fundamental at ELASTRON Group. That is why the minimizing the possibility of accidents being caused and offering a work environment which respects the health, integrity and personality of employees, comprises a nonnegotiable value for all of us.